4 Tips Help You Get Better Sleep

Chief Editor: @John Zhang Chief Proofreader:  @Steven Chao Publisher: @John Zhang Intro: Why we need better sleep Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair …

Make better use of screen real estate

Another article by MITrix community of Master In Tech in DHSZ Chief Proofreader:  @Charles Ji Publisher:@Tom Wu Problem of existing Windows split screen I believe everyone’s life has changed a lot …

watch approach card scanner

Forget your transport card? We got your back

It is very normal that you forget to bring your transport card. Usually, before the era of silica, you would need to return home and fetch your card. Now, you don’t need to do neither of the silly things — you don’t even need to go to a card center to issue a transport cards