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  1. Productivity Burst
  2. Addgene
  3. Grammarly

Productivity Burst

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Platform: Windows

Price: free

If you have a lot of things to do, you need a plan to tackle them, and Productivity Burst helps you with the combination of the following three techniques:

  1. Use Priority Burst to write all the task down that you are aware of and organize them, helping you focus on one at a time.
  2. Time Burst will help you pace yourself to go through the work but reminding you when to rest and when to continue working. It also keeps track of all your accomplishments, giving a good indication of progress.
  3. Chain Burst helps with daily tasks. When you finish for the day, the calendar will get a cross for it. With each successful day, the chain of crosses will get longer, motivating you to not interrupt it by skipping the daily.


Platform: Web

Price: free

Considering doing some lab work in the realm of genetic engineering? U better start designing your tiny circular DNA, plasmids, to express wanted traits/proteins. Addgene is a website you can learn and view tons of details of critical components for a plasmid, i.e. origin of replication, and were written is casual language to be understand!


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Platform: Web

Price: free

Take the guesswork out of great writing. Check your emails, documents, essays, and more. See what you can accomplish with the power of Grammarly at your fingertips. Eliminate grammar errors. Easily improve any text.

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