Editor’s Choice #11

Table of content:

  1. IINA
  2. Lumafusion
  3. Copytranslator


Platform: macOS

Price: Free

An open source modern video player on macOS that allows you to play or stream virtually every format of media. It is extremely easy to use, if you can use QuickPlayer, you will master IINA.


Platform: iPadOS and iOS

Price: 19.99

LumaFusion is a powerful multi-track video editor used by mobile journalists, filmmakers, and professional video producers to tell compelling video stories.


Platform: macOS, Windows and Linux

Price: Free

Copytranslator is a productive software that faster your translation process, just copy what you want to translate and the software will automatically display the result for you (the translation engine will be one you choose from Youdao, Baidu, Google, Sogou, Caiyun or tencent ). Using this tiny but incredible software to make working more comfortable!

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