Editor’s choice #2

Before start reading, check out the content list:

  1. Paste
  2. ScanScan 白描
  3. Simplenote


Platform: macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Windows

Price: ¥98

Paste is a cross-platform clipboard tool (iPadOS, iOS & macOS). It keeps a record of your history clipboard items. 

For example, if you are to copy a list of names, just Ctrl/Command C all names, and paste each of the items in one go at ease!(Included on Setapp subscription) For Windows users, try Ditto!

ScanScan 白描

Platform: iOS, iPadOS, Android, Web

Price: free

Note-taking speed not fast enough? ScanScan is one of must-have tool on your iPad. It uses OCR technology to correctly convert texts on the PPT, whiteboard, handout to texts. (It even works with handwritten texts!) So do it a try.

Product Hunt Selected


The simplest way to keep notes. It is a note app that is very similar to a paper. That means it works on all platform and even the web. It allows you to quickly share thoughts and notes with your friends or peers. 

Moreover, it permits Markdown syntax and version control, so feel free to go back in time if you made mistakes to your notes!

Simplenote - Simple, lighter alternative to Evernote | Product Hunt Embed

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