Extensions Solutions

Here are some extensions and solutions for possible problems

How to insert | in a table?

In the previous chapter, we learned how to make a table by using | , but how about you want to insert a | in your table?

|column 1|column 2|column 3|

You expect:

what you actually get:

Solution 1: Use

|column 1|column 2|column 3|

Solution 2: Use |

| represents Vertical Bar | in HTML

|column 1|column 2|column 3|

Table of Content

It is very easy to form Table of Content.

You just have to type [TOC] wherever you want to

Page break when exporting into PDF

<div STYLE="page-break-after: always;"></div>

How to highlight Grave Accent “` ?

You cannot type three “` since is indicates code block.

Solution 1:

Use <code> </code> to substitute


Solution 2:

Use ` to substitute

`` ` ``

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