How I got A* in biology by digital-learning

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It might be scary to some of the peers hearing about the status quo of the coronavirus, but please stay inside, take care of yourself and also study hard! The reasons of starting this article is because I have a few useful tools that help me a lot during the last semester, especially in the subject of biology. As a promise to Mr. Deshpande, I would like to share with you these apps in this article so that everyone can benefit from them. Bear in mind that some apps I use are not free of charge but I personally think is worth invest the money.


The first app I have been using frequently is Anatomy & Physiology(A&P). Created with love and by Visual Body, it is boasted to help you conquer those tough anatomy topics. Although I am not studying anatomy now, I find some of the visual representation in the app quite easy to understand. Along with textbooks and lessons, I would say I have gained a deeper comprehension through its detailed and labelled 3D models on many topics, for example, about the circulatory system, (namely the heart and the vessels), the structure of the cells (different intracellular organelles) and also the ventilation system (the lungs and its structure). However, beware that some of the information might be too much for the syllabus, so do go through the syllabus itself, refer to the textbook or confirm with your teacher!

Human Altas 2020

Much similar to A&P, Human Altas 2020 is another app for visualization of human body in 3D models. It breaks down the body to organ- or organ system-wide and provides you with detailed info, their scientific names and their functions. You can use the handy dissect tool to cut out some parts, so that you can see the structure in side. Different from the first app, Human Altas focuses on Human body and it has a unique function of Argumentative Reality(AR) to allow you to “see” the structure on the desk! The Anatomy search tool allows you to venture through different structure with their name and detailed functions.

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That brings us the end of the article, or another beginning… The MIT team will continue work hard to recommend you with useful apps, so please stick to our website!


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